Family Camping Hints and Tips

Family camping tips


Whether you’re a camping veteran or novice, there are a few simple dos and don’ts to family camping, wherever you’re planning your trip. So, before you grab a tent peg, check out these family camping tips.

Do; read reviews and book a campsite in advance

There’s plenty of choice out there, but it’s important to research the best campsite for your family. And make sure you reserve your spot to avoid disappointment, especially during the summer months when everyone’s keen to get under canvas.

Don’t; forget camping essentials

Making a list of the items you’ll need to take with you will ensure that when you pack your bags you don’t leave out important camping gear and essentials. Don’t forget a first aid kit as well as a large family tent.

Do; arrive before nightfall

Pitching a tent in the dark can be a challenge, especially if you’re not a seasoned camper, so arrive in plenty of time while it is still light. After you’ve done the hard work, you can kick back and start enjoying the evening and exploring the area.

Do; entertain the kids

Make sure you pack books and games (and snacks) for the journey, as well as toys such as footballs, hula hoops and Frisbees to play with at the campsite so you can make the most of being outdoors.

Don’t; ignore the rules

Always read the campsite’s rules and regulations as you may be asked to leave if you violate the rules, accidently or not. Some campsites enforce penalty fines as well.

Don’t; rely on GPS

The last thing you need in the heart of the countryside is your Satnav or smartphone running out of battery (or worse, getting water damaged) when you don’t know quite where you are. Pack a paper map along with a compass and you’ll be in safe hands (just make sure you know how to use them!)

Don’t; leave food unattended

Tidying up outside your tent before spending the day exploring or going to sleep is important to keep unwanted animals at bay. Before you travel, consider the wildlife (including insects) which you might encounter.

 Don’t; leave a trace

Leave the campsite as you found it by taking your rubbish with you after your stay; this includes safely and correctly disposing of your campfire as well as any recycling.

Do; check the pet policy

Travelling with pets is one of the advantages to camping but make sure you know the policy at pet-friendly sites, as well as cleaning up after them to keep your neighbours happy.

Do; leave behind a copy of your itinerary

Letting a family member or friend know where you are and when you’re arriving home is always worth doing, especially if you might not have mobile reception, in case they need to contact you in an emergency.

Do have fun

Enjoy the camping experience, getting out in nature can be an exhilarating experience, learn about wild animals, the countryside code.  Introduce the children to games without the Gameboy, playing without the Play Station, and twitching instead or Switch -ing.



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