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Persons requesting a camping place shall be known as “Campers”

Persons advertising a camping place shall be known as “Hosts”

Camp At My Place may be abbreviated as C@MP

  1. Persons found to be or alleged to be abusing the website or application, or other members, or are the subject of complaints from other members may have their registration suspended or cancelled at the discretion of the site owners, Camp At My Space Ltd.
  2. Campers agree to vacate the particular place they have rented as per their arrangement with the Owner, or their property (including vehicles) may be removed by any legal means available to the renting Owner.
  3. Camp At My Place LTD suggests that Hosts agree to use only legal means to remove any property (including vehicles) which may stay beyond the allotted camping time agreed between the Host and Camper.
  4. Hosts are expected to offer reasonable duty of care for any Camper using their rented space.
  5. Persons advertising camping places on C@MP must have either legal title to such or permission from the person holding legal title to advertise and use for financial gain.
  6. Persons wishing to advertise their camping place agree to accept and respond to emailed invoicing in accordance with the payment terms and conditions stated thereon. VAT will be applied at the Owners country current rate at the time of invoicing.
  7. Owners will pay a £20.00 annual registration fee to be able to advertise on the C@MP website. The first payment is due upon registration, and the annual fee will be due upon the anniversary of the first payment. The registration/annual fee is subject to change with due notice.  Stripe, our current payment gateway will automatically collect this fee annually unless the recurring payment is cancelled by the Host.
  8. Any form of spamming used and or detected will be removed with possible suspension of the persons responsible.
  9. The owners of the website C@MP are in no way responsible and are not to be held responsible or accountable for any disagreements, action or altercations between Hosts and Campers (and/or their property) using C@MP. The use of the C@MP website does not form any liability upon or contract between the owners of Camp At My Place Ltd and the user either Hosts or Camper.
  10. The Host and Camper agree that 10% of the Camper fee is payable to C@MP as our commission fee.
  11. Once payment has been made by the Camper the Host is obliged and responsible for providing the advertised camping place upon the Camper arriving within the selected booking times.
  12. Cancellation and Refunds. Full refund may be given if notice of cancellation by the Camper is given 48 hours or more prior to arrival time.  Cancellations less than 48 hours’ notice, the refund may be at the discretion of the Host, on a case by case basis.
  13. Campers and Hosts agree to accept future changes to the Terms and Conditions upon reasonable time given of notification for the change. Updating will occur as improvements are made to service and/or to include any changes statutory or legal that affect the operation of C@MP.
  14. Camp At My Space LTD and the C@MP website will not get involved in legal arguments or disputes between Hosts and Campers. We will however offer evidence of facts in the event of arbitration or legal proceedings.



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