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Your charge of £20 per year covers your advert, texts/email, the payment gateway, maps and photos displaying your location. This fee doesn’t include the host insurance.

You can allow instant booking of your place or you can elect to recieve a resevation request from potential guests. 

There are description boxes. These are for describing a feature you may be local to, for example a six minute coastal walk from the beach’, and to describe your parking space, for example ‘gated, paved driveway’ or ‘enclosed garden’. We do not allow contact details to appear at this point as they may be used to by-pass the booking system, but they are revealed once a booking is accepted.

It’s completely up to you if you meet your guests or not.  If you decide to interact, please follow our COVID 19 guidelines.

In terms of charging for your space, it’s dependent on a number of factors. How secure it is – gated, additional facilities available, water, electric hook up, WiFi etc. – the proximity to places of interest – an open driveway 20 minutes walk from Silverstone Race Circuit with no additional facilities will be charged less than, say, an enclosed secure space 10 minutes walk from Silverstone Race Circuit with Water, Electric and WiFi, for example.

As you use the site more and more, you will get a general feel for market rates and  you will begin to price accordingly.  Initially we suggest that you start out with a very cost effective pricing structure as this will encourage first time campers. 

We charge 10% of the value of the booking, E.G. If your charge for a one-night stay is £20, C@MP will forward £18 to your wallet, ‘Stripe’, once the payment clears, depending on your banking system, it can take up to 48 hours.

You can recieve your funds direct to your Paypal account or as a bank transfer.

The Payout section of the Hosts dashboard shows the current balance available to request and a ‘Request Payment’ button to start the process.

Payout are processed within 2 or 3 working days and then fall within the usual payment times relevant to method you choose.

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Should You Allow Instant Booking?

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Adding Services & Add Ons

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Setting your space availability using the calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting Questions

Anyone with property, land or an extra parking space can be a host.

No, C@MP only charge an annual fee per address, you can advertise your three spaces separately within your account use the Multi Listing submission type.

C@MP will only take the 10% commission charge per booking.


Guest Questions

All transactions are handled through Stripe, our preferred payment gateway.

All Payment methods, and payouts are handled by Stripe, C@MP do not hold any payment details.

Email us in the first instance at; info@campatmyplace.co.uk

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